The New Trend for Home Offices in Brunswick

The Rise of Backyard Pods for Home Offices in Brunswick

The inner-city suburb of Brunswick in Melbourne has seen a growing trend of residents installing backyard pods as home offices. These small standalone structures provide households with a practical work-from-home solution in the COVID era. Backyard office pods have become especially popular in Brunswick thanks to the suburb’s close proximity to the CBD and mix of modern homes and converted warehouses that lend themselves to pod installations.

Melbourne Backyard Pods is one local company that has seen demand for their pod designs skyrocket in Brunswick over the past two years. Their customizable backyard pods are being embraced by professionals and creatives who want workspace separation without moving out of their favored suburb. Brunswick’s backyard pods showcase how these modular buildings can provide an aesthetic and practical office space in an urban setting.

What are Backyard Pods?

A backyard pod, also marketed as a garden office, is a prefabricated structure that can be installed in the backyard of an existing home. Backyard pods are:

  • Self-contained -Including insulation, electrics, lighting, ventilation.
  • Modular design – For easy transportation and on-site assembly.
  • Customisable Footprint
  • Does not require a building permit 10m2*
  • Fast construction – Installed fully-fitted in as little as 8 days.

Backyard office pods provide a small, detached workspace close to the home that blends into the existing garden and landscaping. They are more affordable and eco-friendly than adding an extension or granny flat.

Why Brunswick?

Brunswick offers the perfect environment for backyard office pods to thrive:

  • Blend of residential and mixed-use – Pods suit the area’s homes, apartments and converted warehouses.
  • Established gardens – Mature trees and planting allows pods to seamlessly integrate.
  • Creative community – Home to many designers, artists and professionals.
  • Heritage architecture – Pods complement classic Victorian-era homes and terraces.

For Brunswick locals, having a pod office provides the liveability of suburbs with the connectivity of urban living. Professionals in Brunswick are choosing to install pods rather than move elsewhere for more space.

Benefits of Backyard Pods

The key benefits fuelling demand for pods in the Brunswick area include:

  • Private workspace – Escape distractions and noise at home.
  • Property improvement – Stylish pods add value and appeal to homes.
  • Design flexibility – Customize the shape, layout, and features.
  • Fast installation – Up and running within days.
  • Cost-effective – More affordable than conventional home extensions.
  • Sustainability – Made from recycled and energy-efficient materials.

For time-poor professionals in Brunswick, pods tick all the boxes for their home office needs. They provide a quick solution that doesn’t sacrifice on design or features.

Popular Brunswick Pod Designs

Backyard pod specialists like Melbourne Backyard Pods offer a variety of designs tailored to different needs and budgets. Popular options for Brunswick include:

The Brunswick Studio – Their 9 sqm starter pod offers a compact yet complete workspace. Ideal for people with small yards or tight budgets.

The Richmond Workpod – 13 sqm pod with classic contemporary styling. Enough room for a small meeting or breakout area.

The Fitzroy – 17 sqm pod provides space for a couple or housemates to work together. Includes built-in storage.

The Designer – A 28 sqm pod for those wanting a high spec backyard habitat. Fully-featured with kitchenette and WC.

Their pods can be clad in weatherboard, Colorbond, brick or rendered Hebel panels. Settings like Brunswick with heritage homes tend to opt for classic weatherboard cladding. Double glazed timber windows, merbau decking, and custom entry doors further allow clients to match their home’s existing finishes.

Inside, pods can be fitted out with joinery, lighting, data cabling, AC, smart hubs and audiovisual systems. This gives Brunswick’s creative residents studio quality facilities right at home.

Styling a Brunswick Backyard Pod

The interior design possibilities are endless when fitting out a new backyard pod. Brunswick residents often use their pods as an opportunity to showcase their aesthetic tastes.

For smaller pods, a minimalist Scandinavian style keeps things light and airy. White walls, light wood joinery and sleek finishes create a simple but sophisticated workspace. Larger pods offer the chance to incorporate colors and textures with finishes like exposed brick, paneled walls, and concrete floors.

Whatever the style, pods should integrate functionality for effective work. This includes elements like:

  • Adjustable LED lighting for task work and ambience.
  • Ergonomic seating and standing desks.
  • Pinboards, magnetic paint walls, and whiteboards for ideation.
  • Integrated power, USB, and video connections.
  • Acoustic treatments – panels, rugs and plants to absorb sound.

By combining style and function, Brunswick residents have created backyard havens perfect for everything from graphic design to accounting consulting.

The Future of Brunswick Backyard Pods

Backyard office pods look set to become a permanent part of Brunswick’s landscape. Their popularity fits the changing ways that Australians now work and use their living spaces. Brunswick locals are sure to develop new innovative ways to design and integrate pods into their properties.

Ready access to outdoor workspace looks set to be a must-have for Brunswick buyers and renters even after pandemic restrictions ease. Pods enable residents to transform underutilized yard space into versatile working zones. Unlocking and repurposing Brunswick’s backyard real estate is a trend that is just getting started.

With the quality of life and connectivity that Brunswick offers, demand for backyard office pods will continue to grow. For professionals and creatives who don’t want to compromise on lifestyle or location, the Brunswick backyard pod presents the ultimate work-from-home solution.