Home Office Pods | Quiet Space 10m2 Room

Home Office Pods Working remotely is hard enough without having your own space.

What about a Home Office Pod also known as a Garden Office Pod.

A home office pod is a great method of  creating a Dedicated space for work.

Working in a serviced office space may work for some, but paying the fees can set you back a considerable amount.

A viable home solution

Our Garden Office (GO) Pods can help you reclaim focus and productivity right in your garden, front yard or backyard.

GO-Pods are compact and smartly designed structures, giving you a separate workspace within your property.

Whether you’re in Melbourne or elsewhere in Australia, these home office garden pods are easy to install, comfortable and cost-effective.


  • Built ready to install
  • Different designs available
  • Free Victorian delivery*
  • Engineered quality
  • 3 week delivery from order**